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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Subject:el salvador & gardens
Time:4:45 pm.
Have you ever traveled then returned home and don't know how to talk about your trip when folks ask?  That is my situation.  My entire purpose for traveling to el salvador was to chillax with my brother.  I didn't want to do touristy stuff and move around the country much carrying an almost 40lb 3 yrd old.  I just wanted to sit around with zach, watch his life and let him and eli interact.  That is basically what we did.  and it was a blast really, but I just don't know how to talk about it.  We did one touristy thing and saw some mayan ruins that were preserved by volcanic ash and buried in the lava for hundreds of years.  I was also intrigued to see if and how much spanish would pick up on in a mere two weeks.  Well the resultt is that he was really stubborn about talking to him like that or asking him to say stuff and we had to remind him of gracias until the second to last day there.  He certainly surprised a couple times with saying things on his own but mostly he was kinda shy & tried to act tough.  He was almost as popular as my mother.  We would walk down the street and everybody would comment on how beautiful he was and how much he looked just like a baby doll.  We had a really great time & even if eli wont remember much I am glad he went.

Today we went the doctor with a stool sample in hand.  He has been complaining of stomach pains that are not related to gas or pooping.  So we gotta start giving probiotics to him and hope he didnt bring something home with him.  In some ways it is really dirty over there and you wonder how they live with soooo many bugs but then I came home and my house was infested with fleas.  Apparently Isiah is not allergic to their bites and didnt really notice this problem.  I however am eaten up by those pests.  Most of the last week & a half have been me in combat with the fleas taking over my house.  They came from the yard, the swampy area in the back and traveled inside on us then found the cats.  So we have treated some of the yard & the cats and i am even wearing flea collars.  I vacuum twice a day and look inside to be sooooo grossed out by the amount of adult fleas & larvae I see in there.  I am starting to worry that i dont have a closed bag to keep them trapped & they are just hopping out of the can and back in my home.  So any advice on battling fleas is welcome.

While we were gone it rained soooo much here.  The weeds took over.  I have nothing, thats right NOTHING growing in my front beds but weeds, asparagus & some nasturtium. Based on where the nasturtium is I know the reason is not communicating to pasquale.  See I planted stuff and then he mowed a couple times before I was able to put in this black border edging so he knew not to drive on that.  I am pretty sure that he compacted my seedlings.  when I was weeding i say a couple teeny tiny parsley plants that were trying to survive in the weeds.  i am defeated this year.  but watch out plant sales cause im buying a rainbow of flowers and gonna make a rainbow flower garden in the front front bed.   We have 4 garden beds in the front of the house.   The front I want to be flowers.  The one in the corner I want t plant a cherry tree.  The one bordering the walkway is asparagus & herbs.  Then the one against the house has 4 asparagus and more herbs. 

I went to a rain barrel workshop with my mom the other day.  I wanted to figure out how to better use my rain barrel.  I got my answer and have less hope.  So basically they work best for soaker hoses and watering cans.  Well for soaker hoses its best if it is not more than 25ft stretched out.  bummer.  our house if 100ft away from our garden.  then another 50- 100ft from that is this place in the yard that gets really really marshy if it rains alot.  It dries up but a couple days later than the rest of the yard.  We don't know the source of the problem.  At the workshop they were advertising other workshops for rain gardens.  So I started thinking we should plant a rain garden there or even better maybe dig a cistern.  then we could be closer tot he garden and use that water for the plants.  I just don't see myself walking 100 ft wiht a watering can multiple times to use the rain barrel.  So who knows what I can do with those.  maybe we could use ourr pond to water and the rain barrels to refill that??  or maybe we should get a pump for our rain barrel to have more pressure.  I dunno but any suggestions about that would be helpful.

So I missed strawberry season while i was gone.  It was dwindling down when I came back.  We pick enough to eat several handfuls & freeze one bag at my moms house.  Thankfully we have tons of mulberry trees & black raspberries growing.  so I got right on picking those and made some jam the other day.  Isiah brought home 4 lbs of free cherries so i made cherry jam/preserves too.  I need to go pick more to make but those black raspberries are soooo delicious its hard to not eat them all up.

Is it too late to plant some flowers now?
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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Subject:broken record?
Time:10:47 am.
i recently made it to totally awesome fest 6 in ypsilanti, mi. It was a quick day trip and very much worth the time to travel. We had a freaking blast and eli is definitely a performer. Now when I ask him what he would like to be when he grows up he says "in a rock band". and if you ask him specifically about other things he says nope, nope, nope, just in a rock band. Patrick Elkins let him do his own performance in between two sets and he was so hilarious...he even bowed! He had no stage fright & then during this performance by Hob the Troll eli became part of his show by dancing in the background and hitting the drum. That guy btw is getting hired for his next birthday party! check him out!

my whole point was a short conversation I had with thom when we first got there. Eli was running outside to see keelan on the bench of dreamland theater, then back inside over and over again. Everything with kids is on repeat that is how they learn stuff and I still notice it happens with eli now. In his pottery class he will only focus on one tool and not care about making anything to fire he just wants to do one thing over and over again. I mentioned it to thom who said basically, well of course. that is how humans are their whole lives. we have to do things over and over again until we know them. im sure there is a better word to describe for the "know"ing them. we have to do stuff over and over again until we can do it on autopilot i guess. Its a very easy & obvious concept. however this moment was a realizatiton for me. Lately I have been really stressingg out about not being able to get all the yard work done, and clean the house and spend quality time with my kid, cook good food and on and on. I am in the midst of repeating NEW stuff over and over. and until i get them burned into my mind i think im gonna be really off balance. I am trying to learn how to do MY YARD work and take care of chickens. I just need to give myself a break. I think i shouldd actually put some yard stuff on hold cause its super overwhelming. if i didnt have a job for green money there would be no problem, but this job keeps me in the house at the computer for lengths of time that i could be getting a lot done outside.

this is not as profound in my words as it felt within me. I think because for me it was a huge sense of relief. Even though im still anxious- something about me i cant just give up easily. I dont want to be defeated by my yard but really i have done SO MUCH in my yard already. its jsut that we have tons and tons of room to do much much more in future years. for now we could host a big game of croquet! here is our tiny garden plot for this year

we are excited to see it grow every year.
eli helped me manage the edges since the weed whacker battery was charging
in the tire are potatoes, then next moving back are the radishes and then in the box is lettuce mix.
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Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Subject:the house is a mess...
Time:12:14 am.
and i find myself sweeping the OUTSIDE!! i can't stop myself from doing this but all the while i wonder why the hell am i EVEN doing it?? Seriously...do you sweep your concrete areas to get rid of those maple seeds? I do and I admit it! Sweeping the outdoors just seems really silly to me. especially when i dont have any time in my day to sweep the indoors.

For instance today started with me trying to put some clothes on and telling myself i will put that pile of clothes away later and finish the laundry later when i have time to watch the washer (since i think its breaking). then my dad came over and got all bossy on me about getting this coop finished. i hadnt had my coffee and i didnt ask him to come over that early (he's retired retired now so hes got free time). I proceed to start measuring stuff and sawing, hammering and stapling. getting the coop finished. its mostly done but there are some extra security things to reinforce. woo hoo!

but for every one thing finished there are about 3 more added to the list to do. So I decided i wasnt giving my front yard any more of my time (i'd already tilled, weeded & planted some stuff). So I quickly went through it and added my layer of compost, raked it in a little (i put no effort) then scattered seeds. well the herbs i put in specific places but a few flower packets got scattered and i hope they sprout. watered and boom i was done!

the asparagus is doing really well. im not sure how to get a good picture of all of the plants but there are approximately 32 so far. the count is give or take a couple each time so not sure! soooo exciting, i can tell some are 2 year old plants that we can harvest next year but most of them are little babies that need a couple more years before eating. they will provide a lovely little fern border to our front walkway (at least thats my hope).

I'm satisfied with what we have planted this growing season. I know isiah has about 27 tomatoe plants doing well in the basement, with basil and peppers too. but im gonna lethim charge the rest of the backyard garden. I am done for a little while so I can sweep all these maple babies up and weed my fire pit! I also want to set up a nice hang out station on the patio by the pit for my party on the may 22nd.

I am hoping people will come and bring their plastic bags to help me make plarn. I will talk more about that later...for mow my hands need to rest with my body!

token eli pic & video

coop before as an idea

coop after as reality- but this still isnt as finished i should get an updated picture, there are no holes!

VIDEOCollapse )
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Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Subject:season of sowing
Time:9:33 am.
with the warmer weather there is less time to be inside on the computer and more time being outside trying to maintain this huge yard. I was never big on yard work until now. I always wanted yard work to do but because we rented I didn't give too much of my energy to doing so and now this year I have such a huge yard, and lots to get ahead of, im really tired. Not complaining though!! If I didnt have a job for green money I would be truly happy to put all my time and energy into yard work. I try chopping down a tree and give up a little halfway through OR get it chopped down but let it lay in the yard and wait a couple of days before moving it! so many projects are going on around me outside....Maybe a list will help me organize my thoughts-

1. finish sorting brush pile and stacking wood to season
2. pull weeds around fire pit
3. dig dandelions and separate leaves from young ones for salad
4. finish coop building
5. rake manure flat and till ground then assemble greenhouse
6. clean pond
7, run electric to light pole by shed
8. get filter system for pond
9. cut down poison ivy from apple tree
10. tighten clothesline
11. plant peach tree
12. clean gutters
14. make garden bigger

now im overwhelmed.

15. take a nap in hammock

ok now i feel better!! We are leaving for El Salvador on May 26th and I'd really like to have most of these checked off by then. Luckily I'm not doing this alone, thanks Isiah :-)

how about a reverse to do list of what I HAVE DONE OUTSIDE! yes yes yes that!

1. twig fence, 2.rain barrel, 3.strawberries transplanted (all visible in picture below)

MORE PICS & LISTCollapse )

in chicken news, all three are laying and we have mostly gotten 3 eggs a day, sometimes when they lay late in the day they skip the next day. its really fun watching them but as im building this new coop extension for them i know i need to make them a more private nesting box. they go into the one i made for them but they never lay their eggs in there. i have a new coop in the works though I just to finish up the lid/roof and secure the windows with wire then attach it to the hutch we currently have. I should have more room so I could get a couple more chickens in the future!! here is a pic of each of their eggs (mama cass, janis, yolk-o)

and an eli picture- he loves the fires just as much as his mama!

what yard work is keeping you busy?
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Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Time:7:07 pm.
we got our 3 ladies today! its been quite entertaining since their arrival. we hadnt secured under their chicken hutch but planned on wrapping some wire around the legs so they couldnt get out after we got them inside. however one escaped while isiah was trying to get them all inside....they didnt want to come out of the carriers then mama cass tries to run away.

i recently pulled my back again. i have chronic back problems from a car accident 12 years ago. so isiah is really angry that i have left him with these chickens to get their feed and the one gets away....and we have to catch her before she tries to run down the driveway and into the road. i bent down in one attempt and BAM BOOM pulled my back again. isiah was not being helpful cause he let his attitude get in the way INSTEAD of finding this really humorous.

so basically we have to keep them "locked" up for a about a week to reset their idea of home. then they will be easier to keep in the yard. plus a fence for the top of the driveway wouldnt be a bad idea!
this is yoko she is sorta my hen cause shes such a gorgeous goldish yellow! she is a buff orpington breed

chicken pics + moreCollapse )

in other spring project news, pasquale is scheduled to come over tomorrow and cut the hole....woo hoo!!
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Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Time:12:33 pm.
im really angry about the 30 second ad that has to play when i first come to this site.....

i used to be able to close it but that little x box has disappeared and im pissed......

strongly considering deleting this journal now b/c why do ads have ot pop up everywhere.....

i understand watching shows or movies online

but this is where i come to read friend stuff and post stuff not to be bombarded with a 30 second commercial..............

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Subject:conquering basement / neighbor
Time:12:45 am.
this will be a post where i bore any reader with too many details about organizing my junk! with PICTURES! mostly so in 5 years i can remember that my house was in fact organized! so i'll add in my recent inspiring, intriguing, influential interaction with pasquale.

i can officially say that i am 100% UNPACKED and organized in our house!!!!!!!! seriously i did it and i never thought i would. I am sooo freaking happy about it i took pictures! I now have a very large room in the basement just for .... i have no clue other than holding space for my stuff. it could be an extra bedroom. a place to gather and work on crafts. a place for me to escape and scrapbook! see...

wanna come over??? really though there are much better rooms in our house its kinda sad this one will be so unloved.
basement photosCollapse )
pasquale as promised!

this guy lives 9 houses down from me and puts out a sign that says "remodeling custom carpentry." i notice this one afternoon on my way home from work after a crazy morning. lets start there. i wake up and isiah has my keys in his pants pocket at work....oops. so i wait and wait for a long time to get them back and finally im able to take eli to openheart preschool (which he is going to one day a week YAY!!), drop off lyric and grab my work. about 20 minutes into working someone knocks over a pole and wires go down taking my internet wiht them. its a bright sunny late winter day and all signs point towards walking to this guys house for the phone number on the sign.

so its better than getting his phone number cause he's home. great i introduce myself and soon just feel really high on life and lucky to have such a cool neighbor. some things about him remind me of my drunk uncle. but mostly i really value his wisdom. and he can chatter on and on and i will listen in the name of respect. i think he sees me as a little naive which surely i am about some stuff. this guy has been living off his land for years and its not some trendy thing to him....just his way of life. he has chickens, pheasants, pigeons, grapvines, peach/pear/apple/cherry trees, lots of garden space, blackberry bushes but NO RAIN BARRELS! hhmmm he amazes me and is certainly hired to do our only home renovation. he came down the other day for a consult. he had great ideas and i love the way he thinks. he also wants ot help build us a chicken coop! and he has to order a minimum of 75 pheasants and wants tto find people to sell some to....but im not clear on why people raise pheasants or pigeons.

man i just cant sum up his character. im not good with words that way. i think he's a love him or hate him kind of guy cause isiah didnt fall for him like i did. i hope you can meet him someday or find your own pasquale :-)

also according to him our garlic will survive! he has 500 garlic planted from a strain of purple garlic his parents brought with them from italy. it was super spicey IMO. he doesnt even lay hay over his plants so they looked kinda frost bit but he's done it for years and is not worried about it dying. so sure enough i checked on our garlic and its still green....lets just hope there are bulbs under there in june!

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Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Subject:conversations with eli
Time:10:16 am.
eli: "you're being jealous"
me: "you know what jealous is? tell me"
eli: "um its when somebodys back is not bigger for everybody"
me: "oh yea and you get jealous cause you cant fit on their back?"
eli: "yea"

me: "make sure you eat the kale its got lots of calicium for your bones"
eli: "what does the cheese have for my body?"
me: "its got calcium too"
eli: "whats the egg got for my body?"
me: "its got protein"
eli: "what does coffee have for your body?"
me: "it has no nutritional value but it has caffeine that makes me wake up"
eli: "my food has nutritional value for my body"


g gma: "do you eat gummy worms?"
eli: "no"
g gme: "well your daddy eats gummy worms do you want to eat some like him"
eli: "no we just like to eat vegetables"

me: "eli why did you take your sweater off? where is it?"
eli: "um its over there it was too itchy"
me: "oh ok well you'll put it on later for green grandpa right?"
eli: "no because you are dressing me like a clown!"
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Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Time:12:00 am.
we have all these ideas (some conflicting) of how to plant our yard and its really overwhelming which leads to being discouraged. I have to breathe and remember to take it one year at a time! One side of me says do it all NOW you have to work hard but then yuo'll be really tired and maybe not enjoy it. the other part says take it slow and have a few concrete goals each year and you'll gradually build it up. isiah came to me and sad he is willing to roto-till a lot of the ground to get us started instead of gradually doing the lasagana method for the whole thing but i have to help him design it with walk ways and stuff. we are kinda feeling bitter about the hilltop plot. my om says she isnt sure she wants us to use it this year since our yard is huge however it is the BEST place to grow root veggies cause the soil is sooooooooo loose and we've added lots and lots of goodies to it. boo. we're trying to talk to her into letting us have it for ONE MORE YEAR so we can have the time to make the space here more loose and decent.

we got some books form the library about chickens. this one has use trying to pick out a coop style. we're definitely thinking of something semi-permanent like san miguel on pg 17 so in case these chickens dont work out for us for some unlikely reason :-) we figure we can collect supplies to build chickens a better home eventually!!

and this seed starting calendar was shared with our moms group recently and kinda got us slacking on starting our seeds....oops! we got the station set up and we're ready to go, probably tomorrow!! we're not starting as many as last year and are gonna try to get more straight in the ground ASAP. also we're keeping our fingers crossed that our 181 garlic plants didnt die from their early sprouting in november from warm tempatures.

today we were able to notice our tulips starting to come up in the front yard!! yay for spring. and im seeing buds on trees too!! its almost here...but dont be fooled its snowed in april the last couple of years :-(
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Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Time:9:58 pm.
I am feeling so conflicted about storing all this stuff we have collected that I know will never be touched again until eli is a teenager and wants to go through everything! I know the process of organizing all the miscellaneous packed boxes will have to involve a bottle of wine and hopefully some company. I see myself in the middle of the basement floor surrounded by piles and piles of paper & small collector gadgets. I kinda like keeping them knowing that eli will find them interesting when he is older, if he is anything like his mama. but knowing there is space being used to just hold stuff always makes me cringe like when i think of buildings that just have insurance & medical files or servers running tons of energy to keep internet sites available or graveyards, land just filled with dead people. that project is bound to happen during my next break in the flow cycle im just done with ovulating and my highest peak is right after the period. although i have high energy levels accompanied with irritation the week before my period to so maybe then........this week!

in other news

sweet tuula made herself a beach when no one was looking! we just got back from a mini 2 day visit to michigan. i love the mitten!!! it was short but sweet. no rushing around & no drama this time plus we ate bee bim bop both days we were there. eli was asking for it again today :-) thanks g^2 for hosting us he vibe is just right at both of your homes and i always leave craving more.
house chit chat with picsCollapse )

well enough of my gloating there are people with far less in the world.
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Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Subject:when you have a foot of snow then...
Time:12:02 am.
you get knitting madness! we've had 3 snow storms around these parts within 3 weeks. I'm no snow person however this year is the first time I haven't dreaded it. So the first storm was exciting and we built ourselves a little snow person then a snow fort:


the second snow storm was just a bonus and another chance to use the fort, cause of course after building it we were too damn cold to play!! but then the THIRD storm came and this time i was shocked and thought mother nature wanted to hold me prisoner in this house! each of these storms happening around my days off. My work was begging people to take out extra work with these deals that you didnt have to return it several days later...i think i picked up an extra 10 hours - which is A LOT OF TIME TO SIT ON YOUR ASS & TYPE when you'd rather be sitting on your ass & knitting! so even though i did work a lot of extra hours...i also got a lot of small knitting projects done once i completed my AWESOME spoke sweater.

eli pics now visible & knitted goodsCollapse )

and my personal favorite of eli's pictures - vast space
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Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Subject:wha?? shouldnt you be working lindsay?
Time:3:20 pm.
tell me please what to put on this wall:

here is the rest of this room:
living roomCollapse )
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Time:1:22 pm.

its 40 degress outside....im sitting in my living room with the door open. I never thought I would hope that it snowed again this summer winter. I actually typed summer first, there is something wrong. I'm a snow hater its no secret but I actually had fun with the snow this year. Our backyard is a magical winter wonderland. We had the huge mulched leaf pile as a sledding hill and then the area that gets standing water as an ice rink. You dont get a sledding hill from a pile of mulched leaves unless your backyard has over 25 trees in it! I really thought that since our summer of 09 was soooo warm that would mean a super cold winter. But now I think I have it backwards. I think winter will predict summer. Winter of 08/09 was super-de-duper cold and I remember having lots of snow days. (of course my memory is not the greatest) However that super cold winter resulted IMO in a chilly summer. Oh geez what am I talking about trying to predict the weather. Forgetaboutit. to come ffull circle...im sitting in my living room on jan 22nd with the front door open. and my rosemary tree wants to die?? Ok I admit I am bitter about it because I just got done knitting Isiah some glittens. (one of my resolutions to make more for my man!) I want him to put them to use!

well i'll have to type more later cause i cant waste this day any longer. as much as i like sitting with teh door open, i'd rather be taking a walk. we have lots of recycling to take down the street in our wagon!
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Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Subject:doctor update on eli...
Time:12:20 pm.
He weighs 34 Lbs and is 38 inches tall. Thats the 75% percentile for his age. Dr. Sant recommends he get polio, DTaP and hib vaccines for traveling to El Salvador. One shot per visit and 6-8 weeks in between each individual vaccine. So we got one shot for him today since I am hoping to go in may or june. I was so nervous and I still am about this being the right or best choice. There is a chance that I wont bring him cause it is too expensive, however if I do then it is good for me to be on top of his health safety. After the nurse gave him the shot he cried from shock and asked me "why did that person do that to me?" I felt really awful and just explained it was so he could come to el salvador with me and be protected from illness. Also his testicle has grown which is good meaning its not dead! Overall it was a simple easy visit and I really like this new doctor. I did forget to ask about the yoga part of their office name, "Whole Kids Pediatrics & Yoga". Now I need to get myself in for an annual check up, im such a slacker and havent been seen by anyone since after eli's birth.

Right now its snowing here. I was a little impatient with a car in front of me driving ridiculously slow cause I had to pee. Then when they got over and I was able to pass I did, but then I had to come to a quick stop and almost rear-end another car. I threw it in neutral and my pride was not hurt! haha I'm a bad driver. I wish it was realistic for me to commit to a bike or a scooter. But who rides a scooter with a kid??? or in the snow??? Maybe I'll get a horse and buggy!

I proposed the idea to isiah about planting so much stuff we dont have to get a riding mower. He was cool with it but doesnt believe I will help him in the garden. So in the past I havent helped equally because a) i cant do super hard digging strenuous labor since i have an injured back. b) because im supervising/entertaining eli so he doesnt step on the garden after we asked him and he doesnt care. c) i have to work like a zombie on my computer.
I day dream about not having a job and freely spending my time outside always contributing a lot of energy to the garden and future chickens. I will probably delete my facebook and all other accounts so i cant be distracted by the damn black hole of a computer and be more present with my outside world. When I work I get distracted easliy and it sucks my time. ugh i hate my at home job mostly b/c it feels like it lasts all day. I am grateful to have a job.
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Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Subject:oh the crafting...
Time:6:48 pm.
eli turned 3 and suddenly he is into two new things. Puzzles and painting. for holiday gifts I went with only thrift store purchases and mostly crafts for eli to do and give. (side note: I keep typing or thinking "this year" and well...its not, so thats confusing me) For his birthday (dec13th) he actually got really neat presents!! Having the family and some kids over for his party was a good way to discover details about this house that could be refined. A. The opening of the living room wall will create an open feeling so people dont seem sectioned off especially when there are about 30 people here. B. Not only should people carpool for the environment but for parking at our place too! We don't have curbside parking on our road and while we can fit about 10 cars in our driveway- its not fun playing musical cars.

so that above paragraph touches on a few things that deserve their own paragraph.

eli turned 3! and my dear friend gretchen was able to drive down for a short visit and the party with her 2 adorable children! I can barely remember much of that weekend. Mostly I know I will never have a birthday party like that again. From now on separate family and friend parties. It was not bad but I was really overwhelmed by the crowd and having to keep things in order. Then we had to kick everyone out at the same time cause the first person to arrive wanted to leave and they were parked in the back...hahaha musical cars. The biggest surprise for me however is that he got this melissa & doug construction puzzle and put it all together by himself the first time. I was super impressed and got down all the puzzles i've found and stored for him to do. It's a lot of fun because this is the first activity that keeps his attention and he can sit and be with it for a long time. Since then he and his friend lyric put together a 100 piece floor puzzle of the solar system! I just got him a 48 piece floor puzzle from the thrift store for him to do by himself.

For the holidays this year I was unable to knit for everyone. Last year I had a foot theme gift for everyone, hand knit! This year however I got all my goods at the thrift store. Then we had extra stuff free from isiahs work, like tea & spice rubs, hand soaps. Those make great little gifts too! Oh and isiah canned a yummy bean soup so we gave a pint to everyone! It was the second year I am felt excited about giving to people. I tried really hard to focus on the aspect of giving with eli. Isiah played a santa role with him on xmas morning and I didnt object. We just had a little rosemary tree with 2 ornaments. That day was really boring for me because after the fun at my moms house well, there was nothing to do. If solistice were nationally recognized then itd be easier to celebrate cause no one would have anything to do but gather together and celebrate the light come back. We did light candles that night and talk to eli about it being the shortest day of the year. I definitely noticed it being dark at 4:30pm that day and now its 5:30pm again. the light is coming back HOORAY!!!

I'll be back soon to talk about this wonderful amazing house. I really love this place and am incredibly satisfied with the purchase. It's soooooooo PERFECT. <3

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Subject:new years resolution and goals!
Time:3:50 pm.
1. To host monthly community gatherings with food and games (maybe themes) so that this house may be shared!

2. to knit for isiah- that guy is subtly asking me for a lot of goods :-)

3. be more active in the garden with isiah, make sure to get eli involved.

4. chickens & wood stove & collect wood!!

5. cut an opening into living room wall for energy flow

6. enroll eli into briar rose waldorf preschool

highlights of 2009:
- el salvador: my first international adventure
- our house: HUGE purchase that we hope to be our little sustainable area of the world

2009 blows:
- no biking: didnt have the $$ for a replacement bike and trailer this year so not much of that happened and that will not be repeated in twenty ten!

- possibility of a failed garlic crop: isiah planted 181 cloves of garlic. our largest ever and since novemeber was quite warm it sprouted. please please please dont die garlic cause we LOVE YOU and we havent tasted garlic from elsewhere is 2 years!! (well unless it was from somewhere other than our home :-)
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Friday, November 27th, 2009

Subject:video house tour for the G^squared!
Time:11:43 am.
so i had to make them about 30 seconds each or they were too big to send. since you cant visit fro a while i hope this satisfies and g i cant wait to see your house!!
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Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Time:11:06 pm.
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Monday, November 16th, 2009

Time:8:02 am.
We have been in our new house for a couple weeks and we're so in love. This house is perfect for us in many ways. I am constantly reminding myself to take it one day at a time and one project at a time....i just want it to all come together and be beautiful....

yard work is no joke....I hurt my wrist raking around 2 of our trees for a little over an hour. We have over 20 trees in our yard. That's a lot of leaves! Hopefully we can find a used but functioning riding lawn mower to mulch the leaves by this time next year. We are borrowin my moms leaf sucker and making a pile of the mulched leaves....but its a slow process cause we got lots of leaves. I even burnt some in the fire pit one night when hanging out with some friends.

My brother comes home today! His room is not completely finished but I can't be worried cause I just haven't had it in me to over work and hurt myself....one day at a time...one project at a time. I sincerely hope he is not bothered by his nephew's loudness and high energy. it takes a village...

On the eli side of life...well he is just developing in ways I don't have words for. He has all those physical milestones way down but now he is just always improving on language and logic. It is harder for me to remember some of the hilarious ideas that come from his mind and I'd like ot make it a goal to write them down.....when I feel like my work in the house is done :-( I can't ever seem to focus on additional tasks of life until I have completed the ones right in front of me......odd cause I can multi-task like crazy but not when it is toooo many projects.

One project that is consuming a lot of time is our fundraiser. It is in less than a week and we have about 70 people coming. We are having folks sell raffle tickets too and that is making us a large chunk of $$. We should raise enough to send ONE of the 4 kids to college. I would like to sponsor one with my sister too. These kids are well deserving and desperately need something to improve their lives and the lives of their families. Whenever it rains I think about Wendy's family living in the water that has flooded their house....and they have a whole rainy season there.

oh i don't have it in me to really post anymore....im too busy thinking about chickens & gardens and free/cheap paint and making sure i can live in this space when all the buildings are falling down aroundd me....learning how to build from scratch. Oh man sad news on gardening.....isiah planted our annual garlic, 181 cloves in the ground. Warm november days made it sprout....and its growing way too early. Now we must decide if we plant more of our eating garlic or not. Will this garlic still survive?? its a learning experience...but dang that would've been our largest yield yet...we could be selling that many bulbs or just mincing it up and preserving it.....
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Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Subject:goodbye photobucket!
Time:4:18 pm.
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